If you were a reader of my blog, you may have noticed that it vanished for awhile. Although we had some regular posting and comment activity, somehow someone found a way to hack into our Baltimore Chiropractic blog and start sending out spam e-mails using our host’s server. Needless to say, we had to deactivate the blog for a little while until we could figure out the problem, or just start over clean.

Unfortunately, we had to choose the second option, and start over clean. I’m excited to be back, though. Excited to be able to provide some valuable insight on Chiropractic care, and general treatment for injuries sustained in an Automobile accident or Work related injury. My observations from years of practice have made me realize that there are often a lot of questions out in the community, and a variety of answers coming from countless sources. I have made a career out of helping people who are injured or otherwise suffering pain. I stay regularly on top of new developments, and maintain my continued chiropractic education each year. Do not hesitate in any situation to call me with any questions regarding care or your thoughts on care. I’m here to help, and to lend my years of experience to your aid.


I look forward to continuing the blogging, and interacting with more of my patients and the community through this forum.